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Production Section

API Production Section focuses on efficiency. In order to maximize throughput, the production operation within the facility is closely monitored and supported.

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Welding Section

API Welding Section Is responsible for assembling products' metal components.


Heat Treatment Section

API Heat Treatment Section is responsible for the outcomes of the commitments to engineering, quality, and research and development that have led to where we are today. We offer all kinds of manufacturing services to our customers by combining the expertise of heat treatment with the tools and knowledge of machining.

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Quality Section

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Reverse Engineering Section

API Quality section is responsible for the performance of managing various activities and responsibilities within a system to guarantee that products and services are given, as well as the means used to produce them, are compatible. It serves to manage and have an aspired level of quality.

API Reverse Engineering is responsible for understanding deductive reasoning as to how a previously made device, process, or system works

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